Assembly Booklet [2 page Version]


ICEL Texts (Roman Missal – 3rd Edition)


The Mass of the Word Incarnate is an extensive Mass setting blending Gregorian Chant with modern sensibilities to encourage Priests, Deacons and congregations to sing the liturgy. (For most of the parts written for the Priest, it uses the very small range of a perfect fifth from Eb to Bb.) The Mass of the Word Incarnate features three distinctive melodies for the Priest to sing “The mystery of faith.” Each of these three melodies matches a specific Memorial Acclamation, making it possible to sing a capella and still cue the congregation which acclamation they should sing. There is also a musical setting of the Concluding Prayer for the Sprinkling Rite (the Roman Missal itself does not include a musical setting of this beautiful prayer). Another feature of the Mass of the Word Incarnate is a trilingual Lamb of God which may be sung in English alone, Latin alone, or Spanish alone—or it may sung as many times as needed in any combination of the three languages if the fraction is prolonged. And finally, several versions of assembly music files are included in order to meet the needs of your congregation, including individual JPG and PDF files of each of the 38 parts of this setting as well as four ready to print booklet variations.