Musician’s Parts



This communion hymn speaks of the importance of offering ourselves to God, indeed our own “bodies” and “blood,” so that we might receive Christ’s body in a more conscious and active way. The first verse, which speaks of Calvary as a “distant star,” whose light is “brightly shining on me from afar,” speaks of the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ which is re-presented at each Mass. It sets the “mood” on which the rest of the hymn is based. The last verse, which invites the Holy Spirit to “make us whole,” references the second epiclesis in the Eucharistic Prayer. The last refrain reflects this invocation, as the subject switches from “me” to “we.” The meaning of the word “sacrament” also deepens. Whereas previous refrains refer to “sacrament” as merely “primordial” (aka Jesus Christ in the Eucharist), the last refrain deepens the meaning of the word, highlighting that the Church is also “sacrament.”