Hodie (In the Beginning)


Hodie (hoc die) means today, or more precisely this very day, or on this day. It has the gentle insistency and contained excitement by its repetitive use of on this day four times. The simplicity of the world hodie bonds the moment of Incarnation with that of Exodus, ‘This Day shall be a day of remembrance for you, and you must celebrate it as feast in my honor.’ (Ex 13:3) It echoes the excitement of Easter, sharing the text of Psalm 118, This is the day, the eventual fulfilment of the long-awaited Day as promised by the Prophets in the past, the Day which is happening right now, and the Day which is yet to come, the watchword of Psalm 118, ‘THIS is the Day I have made, so be glad and rejoice!’

~ Tony Barr