Year B

Join us as we build our online 3 Year Lectionary Psalter beginning with the 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A) in 2017.
​Every week and every feast, we guarantee at least two quality music settings to choose from.

Ash Wednesday
1st Sunday of Lent
2nd Sunday of Lent
3rd Sunday of Lent
4th Sunday of Lent 
5th Sunday of Lent
Palm Sunday of the Passion

Mass of the Lord's Supper (Holy Thursday)
Passion of the Lord (Good Friday)
Paschal Vigil (Easter Vigil)

Solemnity of the Resurrection (Easter Day)
​2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy)
3rd Sunday of Easter
4th Sunday of Easter
5th Sunday of Easter
6th Sunday of Easter
Ascension of the Lord
7th Sunday of Easter
Vigil of Pentecost

Ordinary Time (II)
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time​
Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

Immaculate Conception
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mary, Mother of God
Conversion of St. Paul
Presentation of the Lord
Solemnity of Joseph
Annunciation of the Lord

Trinity Sunday
Body and Blood of Christ
Sacred Heart (Year B)
Nativity of John the Baptist (+ Vigil)
Solemnity of Peter and Paul (+ Vigil)