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Every SLM composition can be purchased as a single item. With that purchase, you receive all parts (octavo, Lead Sheet, SATB, etc) written for the piece with permission to make as many copies as you'd like.

Psalms/Antiphons =$7.50-$15
Mass Settings = $150
Hymns/Songs = $30-$45



With a subscription, you can "purchase" anything on the website for $0.00. There are no limits! Purchase and download any music that you want and make as many copies as you need.

$240.00 Annually

You Own It

You Own It

Whether you purchase single pieces A-La-Carte or download them through your Subscription, the small print says that your worshiping community owns it... forever! No more buying music over and over. Print as much as you need for as long as you need.

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