Kathleen M. Basi

Author, flutist, and composer Kathleen Basi became a liturgical musician in the sixth grade, when she started playing flute at her home parish. She’s been at it ever since. These days, she writes fiction, nonfiction, and music from home while acting as liturgy director and manager-in-chief of Chez Basi. She and her husband lead their church’s contemporary ensemble with their four “choir babies” in tow.​

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.kathleenbasi.com
SLM Music Selections: Kathleen M. Basi

Keep Me Safe

Composed by Kathleen Basi, “Keep Me Safe” is based on Psalm 16, though it is not meant as a psalm setting, but as a liturgical song. With its strong beat and syncopated hook, it is easy for assemblies to learn. It is scored for guitars, keyboard, SATB and assembly and should be played with a strong rhythmic pulse, but without letting the tempo get too fast.

When Will the King Return

Composed by Kathleen Basi, “When Will the King Return” is a hauntingly prayerful Advent hymn which challenges worshipers to prepare for Christ’s second coming. Beautifully written for a soloist and SATB choir, this hymn will set the Advent mood that the Church strives for during her preparation for the Christmas season.


Go Out

Composed by Kathleen Basi, “Go Out” is a lively recessional hymn for assembly and contemporary ensemble. It works well at any Mass in which the Gospel portrays healing miracles or develops themes of mission and discipleship. “Go Out” consists of short, catchy musical phrases that are easily picked up by assemblies, who might find it simpler to sing from words alone. It should be played and sung with strong rhythmic emphasis on the chord changes.